7. Program Ramowy

COH – Coherent development of research policies
ENERGY – Energy
ENV – Environment (including Climate Change)
ERC – European Research CouncilFission – Nuclear Fission and Radiation ProtectionFusion – Fusion Energy
GA – General Activities (Annex IV)
HEALTH – Health
ICT – Information and Communication Technologies
INCO – Activities of International Cooperation
INFRA – Research Infrastructures
KBBE – Food, Agriculture, and Biotechnology
NMP – Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies
PEOPLE – Marie-Curie Actions
REGIONS – Regions of Knowledge
REGPOT – Research Potential
SEC – Security
SiS – Science in Society
SME – Research for the benefit of SMEs
SP1-JTI – Joint Technology Initiatives (Annex IV-SP1)
SPA – Space
SSH – Socio-economic sciences and Humanities
TPT – Transport (including Aeronautics)