Węgiel i Stal

TGC1 – Coal mining operation, mine infrastructure and management, unconventional use of coal deposits
TGC2 – Coal preparation, conversion and upgrading
TGC3 – Coal combustion, clean and efficient coal technologies, CO2 capture

TGS1 – Ore agglomeration and Ironmaking
TGS2 – Steelmaking processes
TGS3 – Casting
TGS4 – Hot and cold rolling processes
TGS5 – Finishing and coating
TGS6 – Physical metallurgy and design of new generic steel grades
TGS7 – Steel products and applications for automobiles, packaging and home appliances
TGS8 – Steel products and applications for building, construction and industry
TGS9 – Factory-wide control, social and environmental issues

TGC – Technical Group – Coal
TGS – Technical Group – Steel